BAYITH is...

BAYITH is a collection of home textiles that focuses on elevating your dinner party.

After years in the fashion industry, founder and designer Catherine Schiff became disenchanted with the production process of mass market retailers. Armed with her textile knowledge, BAYITH was born to promote thoughtful design techniques while fostering the growth of the creative community in Brooklyn. Each distinct piece is designed in-house, sewn in small batches, and embroidered by hand in Brooklyn, New York.

Thoughtful design and sourcing are at the center of the debut collection.

Leather tabs on the napkins come from vintage leather jackets. Driftwood on the table runners were found on the beaches of Maine. Place cards are printed on seed paper that invite guests to plant their own flower garden. These are the details that make lasting impressions on your guests.

Drop us a line at and follow along @thebayith. We'd love to grab coffee, chat, and collaborate!

Photo by Tory Williams @torywilliams during a @filigreesuppers event.